“The Butterfly Effect”

Time is. Has been. Will be.
If we can change the past
Will the future still be
The child of the present?

Which present?

(Inspired by Faye Flam’s “On the wings of Ray Bradbury“, The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 18, 2012.) “A  Sound of Thunder“.

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3 Responses to “The Butterfly Effect”

  1. iamjimmydean says:

    i have seen the movie sound of thunder, but have not yet read bradbury’s book.
    i like the simplicity of the wording. it balances the complexity of the concept 🙂
    Personally, i consider myself an eternalist; past, present and future are simultaneous. It is our perception that picks them apart into the logical, categorical form of reference of past, present, future. 🙂

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