“Mafia Mama”

Helicopters and sniffer dogs
Pursued “the big female kitten”.
Arrested and cuffed
Amnesty rebuffed
Her life story’s already written.

Her husband was shot by the gang
She wasted no time in mourning.
She stepped in his shoes
And organized coups
And grabbed the cartel without warning.

A bloody turf war is her style
Shootings, killings occur each day.
The city is Naples
Drugs are the staples
Raffaella has ruled her way.

Now. She and two children were caught
And sixty-five others as well.
The Mafia is tough
They play very rough
Her future is hard to foretell.

(Based on “Mafia widow who became feared Mob boss known as ‘The Big Female Kitten’ is finally collared over extortion and robbery charges“, by Nick Pisa, The Daily Mail, June 26, 2012.)

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