“Revenge” (Flash Fiction)

I sit behind the wheel
of my brand-new car.
The engine is running.
I put it in gear.
A woman on a bicycle
rides into view.
A child. There’s a child
in a seat on the back.
They pass without seeing me.
I hesitate. There’s a child.
Not part of the plan.
I step on the gas
and head for the bike.
We collide.
Bodies fly through the air
and land on the street
in front of my car.
I don’t see the child.
I run over the woman.
She’s under my wheels.
People circle.
The ambulance arrives.
I take off my clothes
and bare my pain.
I lie in front of the van.
The woman is in the van.
The child. The child they pull
from under my car.
I don’t move.
They aim guns at my head.
I don’t move.
The ambulance can’t move.
I don’t want them to move.
She stole my husband.
The child. The child is my husband’s.
Not mine.
I feel hands on my body.
Strangers force me to my feet.
The ambulance races away
its sirens blaring
taking the woman to the hospital.
And the child. There was a child.
I have none.

(Suggested by “Woman Strips Naked and Blocks Ambulance Carrying Away Her Husband’s Injured Mistress“, The Huffington Post, June 28, 2012.)

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