“Tom, Katie, Suri and Scientology”

Tomorrow, Tom turns fifty
Half-century old.
Divorce papers, his present.
For Suri, we’re told.

Scientology, the dread.
Suri is now six.
Indoctrination starts soon
Which Mama will nix.

Katie was a follower
‘Til the picture cleared.
Then she was forced to choose: Tom
Or the faith she feared.

It’s sole custody she seeks
Of beloved child.
Fifteen mil is all she’ll get
The prenup’s been filed.

Of course, there are expenses
Suri’s care and such.
Clothes, toys and hair appointments
Cost so very much.

Five houses, each elegant
Planes, a yacht and cars.
Must be split between the two
Detritus of stars.

Though Suri will fuel the fight
Of Katie and Tom.
Scientology remains
Terror for her mom.

(Based on Rachel Quigley’s “Katie’s $15 million and a $35m mansion: What Holmes stands to gain from her ex-husband…and how she’s ‘seeking much more’”, The Daily Mail, July 02, 2012.)

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4 Responses to “Tom, Katie, Suri and Scientology”

  1. iamjimmydean says:

    oh scientology 😉 spell check wants me to capitalize it, i won’t.

  2. vbholmes says:

    Would guess Katie Holmes is spelling scientology in lower case as well…Also looks like this divorce case will bring more info on this secretive religion to the fore–bet LRH is turning over in his space cocoon round about now.

  3. boomiebol says:

    Brilliant!!! Just brilliant

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