“Oysters For Last Meal?”

He killed three in ’07
Had hoped he would die
As he fled burning building
The flames filled the sky.

He was captured, imprisoned
Spared death on the spot.
Now he languishes in jail
With suicide plot.

Grave allergy to oysters
He schemed to acquire
Enough of those luxuries
To sate his desire.

But the guards have his number
And thwart his intent
To negate his transgressions
With death-wish attempt.

In spite of his endeavors
To do himself in
He has promised his lawyer
To avoid that sin.

He’s currently on death row
Awaiting the end
While his lawyer tries to save
The life he would rend.

(Suggested by “Steven Hayes, Death Row Inmate Wanted Suicide By Oyster”, AP, The Huffington Post, July  02, 2012.)

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