“Left Behind”

Posters on poles
Flyers in mail slots.
“Save the street
Show we care
Donate shoes”

An environmental happening
Staged by students
To bring attention
To the decaying neighborhood
Where he had lived
As a teenager.

Shoes: Worn, discarded.
Some utilitarian
Some speaking of days
Of luxury.
He stood amidst them
And remembered
His years in Dachau
Where those who were taken
Left shoes behind
For those who had none.

(Inspired by “Scattered“, anonymouslegacy.com, September 12, 2012.)

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6 Responses to “Left Behind”

  1. Sharry says:

    Oh, my. Love it. Very powerful.

  2. Jo-Anne Teal says:

    I like your concept. I thought of the concentration camps too upon seeing this photo but I couldn’t think of a way to pull that in with only 100 words, Nicely done :))

  3. sjp says:

    great last line, nice rhythm

  4. As a history teacher currently researching the holocaust, etc for her spring lessons on WWII, this really hit a chord with me. If grimness, sadness, and the memory of those long dead without cause or a voice can be considered beautiful — then you captured it. Wow.

  5. So well put across, I really enjoyed that!

  6. drmagoo says:

    Excellent. Very well done.

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