“The Lonely Man”

I enter the apartment unannounced.
He is sitting at his desk
But does not look up.
He is expecting me.

Charred ends smashed
In orderly rows
Like old-time soldiers
On a bottle-green ashtray.

The usual
Half-filled glass
To his right
Waiting to be drained
Or replenished
I know not which
But I do care.
It makes a difference.

I have come to kill.
It can be quiet
And clean
The poison
Barely tinting
The Scotch whisky
In the smudged glass.

Or by gunshot
Muted by silencer
But detected
By those nearby.
And messy
A cry of pain.
I prefer poison.

The man must die.
He has corrupted my son.
Led him to believe
My husband
His father
Has been stealing
From the government
And working
As a spy for the West.

It is not true.
My husband
Is a naïve man
That he
Is part of a larger plan
That he
Has been channeled
Into a position of power
To be utilized
When the time is right.

It is I.
I who have stolen
And betrayed.
For personal
And political gain.

In order to protect
My family
And our future
I must reclaim
My son’s trust
Before my husband
Is denounced as a traitor
And the grand plan
Is derailed.

The man at the desk
Continues to stare
At the papers in front of him.
He picks up the glass
And holds it out to me.
He says.
I’d rather sleep
Than bleed.

Then it is over.
My husband is saved.
My son is free.
And I am free.
Free to continue
Manipulating the puppet
My husband has become.
And free to ensure
That my party’s goal
Of neutralizing the country
Will be realized.

I leave the door open
So he will be discovered.
A lonely man
A traitor
Who will be found
Of theft
And other crimes
Against the state.

(Written for dVersepoets, Open Link Night Week 69, November 06, 2012.)

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10 Responses to “The Lonely Man”

  1. Wow.. that’s quite the story, I wasn’t expecting this today! Well done!

  2. It is strikingly representative of my current read THE SECRET SOLDIER by Alex Berenson.

  3. brian miller says:

    wow…dramatic…def makes me think of a movie….interesting plot lines….

  4. vbholmes says:

    Many thanks for the complimentary words–greatly appreciated.

  5. excellent story-telling here, really carried us through very nicely. Great write. Thanks

  6. A well told story. Excellent.

  7. Interesting. I didn’t expect him to give his preference on how he would die, even though he is expecting her. I admire how tight you write.

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