Sammy, the Gat: “Plowin’ The Field”

(Glossary at end. Click for Sammy, the Gat, catch-up)

I listen as Belinda Beauvais, newly uncovered undercover fed, tells me my latest gig is a twist. Some in-deep society broad has a talkie for sale and the Hollywood Harry is a gold-seal line-signer. Prime time vid, she says. Sex. And lip-sealers.
The dame with the killer kaleidoscope is in Bogieville. Belinda points East and dimples me a half-moon which fires up the old gut tinglers.
That’s the way it is with Belinda and me: we got it bad and that ain’t kosher in the ole wiz-biz. So I’m wondering how come the big wigs have us plowin’ the field together. And how come Belinda keeps shovin’ that blow gun in my kisser.

THE GATIONARY of Sammy Speak
blow gun: n. gun.   Bogieville: n. Casablanca.
dimple : v. to smile.   gig : n. assignment, job.
gold-seal line-signer: n. important person.
gut tingle: n. emotional response.   half-moon: n. a smile.
Hollywood Harry: n. star of blackmail video.
in-deep: adj. in debt.
killer kaleidoscope: n. blackmail video.   kisser: n. face.
kosher: n. (slang) permissible, acceptable.
lip-sealers: n. classified information.
plowin’ the field: v. working.   talkie: n. video.
twist: n. blackmail.   vid: n. video.   wiz-biz: n. spy business

(Photo by Joyce Johnson, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, Friday Fictioneers, November 23, 2012.)


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33 Responses to Sammy, the Gat: “Plowin’ The Field”

  1. Ahhh, love the Gationary. 🙂

  2. brian miller says:

    hahaha…i love your use of gnagster talk…its fun to try and figure out before reading the definititions….

  3. Hi V.B.,
    You’ve mastered this genre so well, I’m wondering about your shady past. I’m worried that Sammy is being played for a fool by Belinda but I know he’ll figure it out and it will be somebody else toes up in the end. Another great one. Love the Gationary. Ron

    • vbholmes says:

      Many thanks, Ron! As for my shady past: they say you write what you know…. As for the future of Sammy and Belinda–that, like my past, is currently under wraps. We’ll have to wait to see how everything plays out.

  4. Anne Orchard says:

    Enjoying Sammy’s adventures and loving the Gationary,it let me check out my understanding without spoiling the reading of the story.

  5. billgncs says:

    love it! Although I am getting the feeling Sammy is looking to be doing some other plowing!

  6. brudberg says:

    Wow. Love the lingo

  7. That seemed like a lot of work. Good job.

  8. brian miller says:

    killer kaleidiscope…ha i am going to have to use that today…can you believe on of my kids in class said ‘a talkie’ today….ha….cool bit of the tale…

  9. vbholmes says:

    Your student must have seen “The Artist” as “talkie” is truly an archaic term–fun that he used it, though. Definitely complimented to hear that you’re going to use “killer kaleidoscope”–Many thanks!

  10. Dear VB,

    Another in the Sammy the Gat canon. Well done and thanks for the glossary.



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