Sammy, the Gat: “Twenty-four On The Vig”

(Glossary at end.)

I ken that an ace man’s gotta be twenty-four on the vig lest he get sliced, diced or swiss-cheesed by his advers.  But when I cast my peepers on the Flyin’ Dutchman revvin’ on the tarmac and the flutterbys sucker-punch my bagpipes, I get that I gotta get an equalizer.
I look back at the terrorist terminators and see Belinda wavin’ somethin’ at me. Valium. Pop one. Plug in a tune on the cyber clickety-clack and let the little blue lullaby purvs wing me over this convoluted Mixmaster world we’ve created. I snag the sleepy seeds, ID the fishy globe-hoppers and foot-drag into the jet-powered tin lizzie.

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THE GATIONARY of Sammy Speak

ace man: n. hit man.   advers: n. adversaries.   bagpipes: n. lungs.
cyber clickety-clack: n. computer.
fishy globe-hoppers: n. suspicious-looking travelers.
flutterbys: n. stomach butterflies.   foot-drag: v. walk reluctantly.
jet-powered tin lizzie: n. airplane.   ken: v. (Scottish) to know.
purvs: n. purveyors; suppliers.   sleepy seeds: n. tranquilizers.
sucker punch: v. sudden, unexpected attack.
terrorist terminators
: n. airport security guards.
twenty-four on the vig
: n. constantly vigilant.

(Photo by Douglas M. MacIlroy, Friday Fictioneers, December 14, 2012.)

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9 Responses to Sammy, the Gat: “Twenty-four On The Vig”

  1. I knew 7. I would like to post you on my Wed guest posts mostly poets, artists, cartoonists only. My skills are limited so I would need items(avatar, 4-6 line bio and text and defs sent by jpeg to my gmail. Your choice story although this one is “top dollar”. Probably use this month or early Feb. Hope you elect to participate, you may care to review my Wed posts to see how. Happy “Number One Day” .

    • vbholmes says:

      I’d be honored! As you know, I’m a loyal fan of “I know I Made You Smile” ( and will enjoy being in such good company.

      • Oh so very uptown on this 411. The people will hop scotch when they inhale your make the scene schpeel. Big time word scoop for the sight orbs. Need avatar, 4-6 lines bio , story, lexicon sent as jpegs to my gmail. Will pin up two Mark Twains if you Pony Express them to yours truly. Perhaps use end of Jan-did Feb and would let you know ahead of time. 23 Skidoo !. Number 10.

  2. JackieP says:

    good one! I learn more and more. I’m getting pretty good as I knew most of them. 🙂

  3. I’m really enjoying this character.

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