“La Nuit”

La nuit est en feu
Avec des etoiles
De l’amour.

The night is on fire
With stars
Of love.

(Rusty French.)

(Dverse poets, Poetics: Foreign Tongues, January 19,2013.)

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24 Responses to “La Nuit”

  1. brian miller says:

    nice….best type of fire isnt it? smiles…great to see you as well…great form to this…evocative and short…

  2. claudia says:

    etoiles de l’amour..so beautiful..they sure set the night on fire in such a peaceful way..

  3. Tony says:

    Those are definitely my favourite stars.

  4. And so it is ~ beautiful verse ~

  5. HisFireFly says:

    love this, simple, true

  6. Kelvin S.M. says:

    …and a lady in her dark gown sits before… Great shorty….and i enjoyed it…smiles…

  7. very nice. really nice line the night is on fire with stars of love. Beautiful in its own right and the french accentuates it as well. Very nice. Thanks for sharing with us tonight.

  8. Rusty French. Didn’t he play for Brazil ?

  9. Sweet and simple. I love the image you’ve created in so few words

  10. Ha! Someone after my own heart 🙂

  11. lucychili says:

    the combination of french stars and love make me think of van gogh

  12. hypercryptical says:

    Love it.

    Anna :o]

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