Sammy, the Gat: “Targetin’ Squash City”

(Glossary at end.)

The airborne torture chamber’s grinders muscle back and we’re targetin’ squash city.
I button down the gazers and knuckle it as the balloons hit terra firma. Sky-splittin’ sparklers splatter on my TV screen as I add to the carbon monoxide.
I grab my cowhide and lead the stampede to the air vent. I do an over-the-shoulder and spot the bag in the studded rubber soles walkin’ behind me with Johnnie Pickles in tow. Now I get that they and the gray cream lapper were not Valium visions. I gotta ask, were Belinda and the pin-stripes in on this caper or is it personal? Either way, I got me a major prob.

(Click to catch up on Sammy, the Gat.)

add to the carbon monoxide: v. hyperventilate.   airborne torture chamber: n. airplane.
air vent: n. exit.   bag: n. old woman.   balloons: n. tires.
button down the gazers: v. close eyes.   cowhide: n. suitcase.   cream lapper: n. cat.
do an over-the-shoulder: v. glance.   grinder: n. engine.
knuckle it: v. grab arm rests.   pin-stripes: n. bossmen.   rubber soles: n. sneakers.
sky-splitting sparklers: n. fireworks.   squash city: n. the ground.

(Photo by Lora Mitchell, Friday Fictioneers, January 4, 2013.)

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5 Responses to Sammy, the Gat: “Targetin’ Squash City”

  1. Love the language. Ya gotta have sympathy for this guy.

  2. JackieP says:

    Poor Sammy, he’s always got problems. 🙂

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