Sammy, the Gat: “I Stick With The Goon Cocoon”

(Glossary at end.)

I fold it over as I mix it up with the four-orbs, baldies and swing-and-swayin’ short skirts. I keep my puss low as I catch a flash of the Chi guy and his hag bag scopin’ the room. I bounce a two-eye off  ’em and get that they ditched the hairy feline felon.

I got my sock box with me so I stick with the goon cocoon as they swarm towards the in/out. I hit the tweed weave as two of ’em open violin cases. Then I red-face it when I see they got bass string-things instead-a cannons. I coattail a gargantuan gent and almost make it outta there when I hear, “Red-light it, Sammy. Gig’s up.”

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THE GATIONARY of Sammy Speak

bounce a two-eye off: v. scrutinize.   cannon: n. large gun.
catch a flash of: v. glimpse.   Chi guy: n. mobster.   coattail: v. follow closely.
fold it over: v. bend low.   four-orb: n. glasses-wearer.
goon cocoon: n. tightly-knit crowd.
hag bag: n. old lady.   hairy feline felon: n. cat.   in/out: n. door.
red-face it: v. get embarrassed.   red-light it: v. stop.
sock box: n. overnight case.   string-thing: n. stringed instrument.   tweed weave: n. rug.

(Photo by Roger Cohen, Friday Fictioneers, January 11, 2013.)

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