“The Assignment”

(Please click for my February 12, 2013, dVersePoet Open Link Night 83 post–somehow the link for this post was activated as well as the correct one which is for “The Corpse”.)

As I step off the plane which brought me to London, I notice my seatmates trailing behind me. One I’ve identified as a minor criminal from Chicago; the other is an unknown, older woman in tennis shoes. I pause in front of a floor-to-ceiling window and they pass on.
The sun is rising. Its rays spread across the sky and illuminate the shiny metal skin of the 747. For a brief moment, I am able to forget my unpleasant assignment, but the return of my odd companions sets me on edge. I quickly lose myself in a crowd heading for the exit.

(Photo by Rich Vosa, Friday Fictioneers, February 8, 2013.)

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38 Responses to “The Assignment”

  1. JackieP says:

    I love a mystery 🙂

  2. deanabo says:

    I love the suspenseful ending!

  3. I see this as a Sammy the Gat story written in English. 🙂 Good start to an interesting story, whatever it might turn out to be.


  4. vbholmes says:

    How about a night on the town with Sammy in a T-shirt, instead?

  5. billgncs says:

    Ha — I was looking for my Sammy fix, but the translator was already on!!!

    Did you have your flame-thrower on the bird?

  6. I’m intrigued! “skin of the 747”–a favorite image.

  7. I also thought this was a Sammy version in English. Do I win something, too? This has possibilities.

  8. Unpleasant assignment? Interesting. I’d read more.

  9. Sandra says:

    A real hook! Intriguing.

  10. Another sunrise, another mystery unfolds. Lovely.



  11. unspywriter says:

    Yes, very mysterious, and well-crafted and relatable. And, as usual, you leave us wanting more. 😉

    Here’s mine: http://unexpectedpaths.com/friday-fictioneers/ad-astra/

  12. t says:

    Very well-crafted and tight.

  13. Joe Owens says:

    Ah a post that doubles as a gift that keeps on giving. We get to envision the ending based on your sublte clues. I like it. Thanks for the thoughful set up.

  14. Dear VB,
    I don’t guess Sammy has another arm. As soon as he recognized the Chicago criminal I suspected. Well written and left me wanting to read more.

  15. Intriguing, an unpleasant assignement sounds like something more sinister than an accountant on a business trip. I want more.

  16. rich says:

    that will probably not end well. bad things ahead. well done.

  17. brian miller says:

    nice…ominous….makes me wonder a bit at what is going on with the assignment but feels like a spy thriller or assasination….love the details in your short piece man…

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