Sammy, the Gat: “The Cheesy Burgheress Does A 180.”

(Sammy, the Gat, is a continuing story.)

(Glossary at end.)

My headlights open/close as I slow-boat it back to with-it-land. Hagface is helicopterin’ over me, pitchin’ a top-sergeant command to rise and shine. I teeter-totter on my 45-degree arm joint as I make like a lead balloon and cool it on the way up. I throw my left 12-incher against her pins. She sinks like a concrete corpse and lands on some pint-sizer’s mini grocery cart. My Bluetooth recepts a scrunchy and when the cheesy burgheress does a 180 onto her sacroiliac I see the plaything’s finger-grip protrudin’ from her aorta. Looks like I got me notch #7 on my gun butt.

THE GATIONARY of Sammy Speak.

45-degree arm joint: n. elbow.   12-incher: n. foot.   Bluetooth: n. ear, sound receiver.
finger-grip: n. handle.   headlights: n. eyes.   make like a lead balloon: v. move slowly.
pin: n. leg.   recept: v. receive.   scrunchy: n. crunching sound.   teeter-totter: v. sway.
with-it-land: n. consciousness.

(Click to catch up on Sammy, the Gat.)

(Photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. March 29, 2013.)

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2 Responses to Sammy, the Gat: “The Cheesy Burgheress Does A 180.”

  1. Dave Higgins says:

    All of the Sammy blinks are 10-minute eggs, but that is the tastiest title so far.

  2. vbholmes says:

    As long as I didn’t “lay an egg”–Thanks for the chuckle.

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