Sammy, the Gat: “I Noodle The Notion Of Motorin’ To Morocco”

(Sammy, the Gat, is a continuing story.)

(Glossary at end.)

I got me a prob. As I exit 23 Hasting, I see the borrowed bebopper’s jalop cruisin’ past me on a city-owned flatbed. Now I only got two big-hands ’til takeoff, and no wheels. I spot a duded-up cycle idlin’ next to a cat who’s pickin’ up some cocky kitten’s coat-totes. I jump on that bad boy, ignite the firestarter and leave the leather-man shakin’ in his black caiman crocodiles. Oh baby, this is one clean machine. I noodle the notion of motorin’ to Morocco, but ax that thought when I see a sleek, black gunboat tailin’ me. Feds or Mafia, I don’t know which, but I do know I’m headin’ for the aerodrome, toot sweet.

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THE GATIONARY of Sammy Speak.

aerodrome: n. airport.   ax: v. cut.   big-hands: n. hours.   caiman crocodiles: n. boots.
coat-tote: n. luggage.   gunboat: n. large car with tinted windows.   noodle: n. thought.
toot sweet: adj. as quickly as possible.

(Photo by Sandra Crook. April 12, 2013.)

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2 Responses to Sammy, the Gat: “I Noodle The Notion Of Motorin’ To Morocco”

  1. “Ax that thought.” Is that like I’m going to axe my mom if I can go? 🙂 Hi, Sammy!


    • vbholmes says:

      Ax-you-ally, it’s a bit more lethal in intent; howsomever, I will ax Sammy to watch his tongue and make sure he ax more gentlemanly in the future. Sammy says “Hi, Janet–it’s always fun when you stop by!”

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