“Primary Colors of War”

The horrors of war
percolate under
the flag of splendor
and national wonder.

This talk of grandeur
encircles our souls
as layers of coleur
paint over men’s goals.

Flush with dead psyches
and turbulent hues
that glorify fees
which leaders abuse.

Men venture to fight
for God and country
without the insight
they’re no longer free.

(Photo by Leovi. Written for dVersePoets—Poetics through the Lens, May 25, 2013.)

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6 Responses to “Primary Colors of War”

  1. brian miller says:

    chilling end….and if you think back to the last world war…intense nationalism played right into the rise of germany and others…and now no longer free they march on to do the will of their leaders….unique and cool response…

  2. Grace says:

    Your opening verses are specially strong ~ I admire the ideals in going to war, especially when it for the freedom of the land. But along the way, everything gets convoluted, and as you said in your last verse, there’s an insight that we are no longer free ~

    That image was my other option as I love the colors ~

  3. Mary says:

    Thought-provoking and intense. I can definitely see how you would see ‘war’ as a subject of this image.

  4. Perfect title for this response to the image. It’s easier to go to war than to end one. Oh the horrors! Your final stanza rings true.

  5. colors – “Napoleon once said that he could make men die for little pieces of ribbon,

  6. A fabolous and chilling take on the challenge… Indeed how often has colours been the way to man’s loss freedom– Maybe freedom lies in the beauty of grey.

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