The picture shows him in his car
His fiancée is at the wheel.
No halfway house for him we see
His lawyers made a real good deal.

His mansion waits with thirty rooms
Has seven baths, wine cellar, too.
He’ll leave for work, church, family, friends
Soft life again for you know who.

(Written for dVersepoets, Form For All—Prosody—Line and Meter. August 8, 2013.)

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11 Responses to “Probation”

  1. Gay says:

    Pretty much sums up the celebrity VIP life – in perfect iambic tetrameter. Tight, succinct, poetic, and in perfect rhyme and line length. Well done. Thanks for taking the challenge and linking!

  2. brian miller says:

    ha his lawyer made a good deal…ah though i imagine that life will catch up you know….we dont escape justice so easily….smiles.

  3. That is why life’s unfair…but I wander what you do with all those baths. Nice tight read vb.

  4. aprille says:

    Whoever this chap is, you summed him up beautifully. As usual the lawyers made the splendid deal.

  5. nico says:

    Money is, pretty much, a Get Out of Jail Free card. Nice writing!

  6. If I knew any lawyers jokes this would be the opportune moment….vultures!

  7. Really well done. It does seem that our so-called justice system is favorable to the wealthy…or professional athletes. Grrr.

  8. interesting snapshot! the form tight underlines ‘his’ feelings. nice take on prompt!

  9. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    Succinctly devastating. Publish, publish!

  10. Sherry Marr says:

    I love this wry observation of how “justice” doesnt work, especially when it comes to the wealthy…….they get to keep their goodies. No fair!

  11. This white collar crime really did pay off. Nice and tight form.

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