“I Wave Farewell To My Friends” (A Riddle)

The wind breathes life into me.
The sea nourishes my growth.
Sandy shores break my spirit.
The tide carries me back home.

(Written for dVersepoets. FormForAll: The Three Riddles of the Sphinx. September 05, 2013.)

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20 Responses to “I Wave Farewell To My Friends” (A Riddle)

  1. claudia says:

    smiles….so much magic in those waves… very cool how they grow and fall and break…love the being carried home..

  2. Ahh beautiful waves … reminds me of a famous kenning wave steed for ship.

  3. brian miller says:

    wave on….smiles…tight little verse…
    fun way to unveil it in the title as well…
    i like their rhythm…

  4. hypercryptical says:

    Anna :o]

  5. Ruth says:

    lovely – the title carries the answer, while not quite giving it away

  6. Grace says:

    Very intriguing and beautifully expressed ~ I was thinking of boat or ship ~

  7. shanyns says:

    Waves, child of the sea. I thought also of sails and ships. This is very well done!

  8. I see/feel waves! Nicely done.

  9. Waltermarks says:

    Very sensual, from the wave’s own point of view!

  10. A lovely depiction of the surf. Enjoyed this one!

  11. Very nice, the changing tides!

  12. kkkkaty1 says:

    Love the sea…and how it makes us go back to the very beginnings of time..nice.

  13. aprille says:

    Nature always wins, due to ebb and flow,
    [not to mention the moon]

  14. kaykuala says:

    Something to do with the waves at the seashore! Nicely VB!


  15. So cool! You buried the hint in the title! And so perfect, four simple lines with a beautifully parallel construct, such a little gem of a riddle-as-poem.

  16. grapeling says:

    VB, compact and powerful, and yet also lyrical. So well penned ~

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