“A Villanelle Murder Story”

(Last week, in a comment on my site, Bjorn suggested a villanelle murder story.)

A shot in the dark, my accomplice said.
We must have a plan, an approach unique.
It’s what you find in the back of your head.

Exercise caution, no rumors should spread
We’ll rid the ’hood of a drug-dealing sheik.
A shot in the dark, my accomplice said.

The sheik is a freak from whom we both fled.
We know retribution is ours to seek.
It’s what you find in the back of your head.

Back to our neighborhood roots we were led
To strike our enemy where he is weak.
A shot in the dark, my accomplice said.

Plan: get his daughter to whom you are wed
To provide us access into his clique.
It’s what you find in the back of your head.

The gig goes awry, accomplice is dead.
I’m facing two guns, on a losing streak.
A shot in the dark, my accomplice said.
It’s what you find in the back of your head.

(Written for dVerse Poets, Open Link Night, Week 115. September 24, 2013.)

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14 Responses to “A Villanelle Murder Story”

  1. This is brilliant vb.. turning the classic lyrical poetry into a murder story… I especially like how you used the refrain to change meaning in the last stanza. Kudos…

  2. brian miller says:

    dang…really well done on the form…and i love how you used it to tell this story…this is fresh for me…and i appreciate how you have been doing it as you are def inspiring me to look at form a bit differently…..

  3. MishaBurnett says:

    Reblogged this on mishaburnett and commented:
    An awesome piece of work!

  4. Ruth says:

    quite masterful really – who would have thought a villanelle could tell such a story… or is it a villain-elle? 😉

  5. Oloriel says:

    What a brilliant poem, the form and the thematic, the naration, everything!

  6. cloudfactor5 says:

    Nice job on the form, even though the outcome is bleak !! Well done

  7. grapeling says:

    crackling good write, VB ~ M

  8. A tale of murder ending badly…….. He who lives by the sword….. Masterfully crafted and fully entertaining poet!

  9. claudia says:

    very cool… i think that is the first ever villanelle murder story i ever read…very nice job

  10. This is so fun. Well-written villanelle and a great story. So glad you took the challenge that Bjorn offered.

  11. Bjorn’s suggestion to you clearly did the trick. This is wonderful! (Looks up villanelle in the way only a novice poet would…..)

  12. Grace says:

    Excellent story and form ~ Very well planned out, nothing was out of place ~

  13. ManicDdaily says:

    So wonderfully charming. Great music and use of the form. I especially like the shifts in meaning. Thanks. K.

  14. shawbird says:

    if you have a chance read my murder story! reblogged yours

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