“The Path”

I follow a fern-edged stone path
past water-hollowed rocks
and bent saplings rubbed raw
by antlers of anxious young bucks
impatient to be noble stags.

The trees give way to open space
marred only by flat slabs
of marble bearing names
of honored ancient ancestors
interred within the family plot.

I search for my identity
amongst the false titans
whose foibles, scabs and scars
are cloaked by perjured perfection
promulgated by family myth.

I depart the mausoleum
glowing in the aura
of generations of
self-deluded hypocrisy
and a fraudulent importance.

However, I have also found
those plain-spoken, normal
and ordinary folk
whose shoes I have chosen to wear
as I travel through life today.

(Written for dVerse Poets, Open Link Night, Week 117)

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8 Responses to “The Path”

  1. brian miller says:

    smiles…we take from the dead what we will…and hope they are the good things, the traits that made them human…and not self important…or to be like the bucks and rush into a life we are not ready for…

  2. Grace says:

    Sometimes its best to leave and walk along with plain spoken, ordinary and normal folks ~ We may learn a lot of things from them ~

  3. Waltermarks says:

    I like this. So often, in families there is a tendency to gloss over some things. You certainly can’t tell by walking through a cemetery.

  4. billgncs says:

    very very thoughtful VB

  5. Mary says:

    There definitely is a contrast between the generations of those with self-deluded hypocrisy & those plain spoken ordinary folk. I prefer the latter!!

  6. ManicDdaily says:

    Ha. It takes all kinds to make a world (and a family)–beautiful descriptions of going from the wild living, to the stony mausoleum. k.

  7. claudia says:

    i like your choice of shoes… and i think it’s the base places often where we find what we’re searching for..

  8. Truedessa says:

    It’s all about the shoes in the journey of life..which shoes will leave a lasting imprint..or just walk barefoot and feel the soil under your feet…

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