“Celestial Revelations”


Sizzling skin.
Eyes closed
Face tipped
Toward the sun.


Red, blue, yellow.
Puce, cyan, tangerine
Circle in mad disarray
As my blood beats
On the iris
Of my eye.

Colors swirl.

My soul
Is sucked
Into the vacuum
And tossed
To the space beyond
The barriers of my mind.


Kaleidoscopic hues
Engulf my being
And introduce me
To the Universe
Of Undiscovered


Channeled through
My careening comprehension
Celestial revelations
Transmit to all
Who share
My wavelength.


Like viral tweets
Genius speeds
Through the atmosphere
To land uninterpreted
In the earthbound
Minds of fools.

(Written for dVerse Poets. Meeting the Bar: The Beat Poets and Their Poetry. October 17, 2013.)

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12 Responses to “Celestial Revelations”

  1. Quite colorful trip here.. and this little end at each stanza that ties it together brilliantly.. like those undiscovered philosophies.

  2. brian miller says:

    dude when you can feel your heartbeat on your eye…you know its intense…ha…
    oh yes, our words touch down in the minds of fools too…smiles….
    i wanna know it all…

  3. Mary says:

    I really enjoyed the rhythm and the color of your write! I especially like “Universe of Undiscovered Philosophies.”

  4. Oh I think this is extremely successful. There was a “technicolor” feel to their work. They had made that transition from silent to talkies to film noir on platinum prints to technicolor and seeing films in color very much influenced their work. Here you definitely take color “on the road” and it’s a true journey not a destination. Exceptional work!

  5. claudia says:

    love it…esp. that last stanza…uninterpreted…and so it stays mostly…or misinterpreted as well… ha… soul sucked into the vacuum… it was a wild time..wasn’t it..

  6. adamsmurphy says:

    So interesting word play…. Like never to end!

  7. hypercryptical says:

    Excellent – love the wisdom of the close.
    Anna :o]

  8. nico says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell if we’re experiencing the astral plane or heat stroke. And even if we are given a revelation, how can we communicate it to the understanding of others? Great work here!

  9. Love the flow of this and the close.

  10. Gabriella says:

    Very effective opening stanza! A very colorful poem vb!

  11. kkkkaty1 says:

    I really like this…kind of an extrovert’s expose, I think….and it’s how I feel when I close my eyes tight, too!

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