“Dreams of a Teenage Techie” (Viralai)

The future I seek
No way will be bleak
For me.

No longer the geek
I’ll be oh so chic
You’ll see.

The old apps I’ll tweak
Write programs that speak
To thee.

I’ll get my degree
Be “Super Trainee”
Can’t fail.

Commence fitness spree
Strong man I foresee
Not frail.

A-1 I will be
I’ll welcome the fee
To sail.

Success will prevail
I’ll weather the gale
Each week.

I’ll travel the trail
To the Holy Grail
And peak.

The heights I will scale
No one can curtail
“Tech Sheik.”

(Posted on dVerse Poets, Open Link. 120 October 29, 2013. Previously posted on WD Poetic Form Challenge.)

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13 Responses to “Dreams of a Teenage Techie” (Viralai)

  1. brian miller says:

    ha. techs may be high on the nerd scale but seriously that is the way to go these days in our techno society…money o be made and power to be had in the knowledge….

  2. Oh the techies rule.. whatever you might think… the techie is hidden in that app you love on the iPhone…

  3. Mary says:

    I love the positive tone of this poem & the motivation, as well as desire to be a ‘tech sheik’ made me smile.

  4. Tech is changing do rapodly and dramatically even the super geek may not be able to catch up.

  5. Keep spinning out the positive you tech poet you!

  6. fun read, you are the creator of your destiny..you have chosen a field that is rapidly growing..and you set your sites high, Bravo

  7. Very, very wonderful! Loved this! 🙂

  8. It’s a competitive world out there and even the super geek is dispensable if he can’t produce.I like the expression, Tech Sheik.

  9. aprille says:

    Show me your unique technique
    for getting the perfect physique

  10. This is a fun read – it made me smile! My (much younger) brother built his own computer when he was a little boy – it’s all second nature to the younguns these days! I’m a happy user and have a certain amount of understanding – and that’s it….:)

  11. I’m smiling. If I were young and in the market, I’d be going for the geeks!

  12. Grace says:

    Yes, yes, yes ~ Loving the rhyming verses ~

  13. Geeks live on…Whimsical write here and fun!

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