“Resene Color List Hallucination” (Conceptual Poetry)

(There is no rhyme, reason or subliminal political
message intended by this nonsensical musing
suggested by Anna at dVerse Poets and
inspired by names on the Resene list of paint colors.)

My Mellow Yellow tinted eyeballs
roll like Rusty Nail ball bearings
around Moody Lavender leaves
which sprout like Black Bean
and Bahama Blue bruised boxers’ ears
up and down the sides
of Raging Bull ochre telephone poles
sporting Buttered Rum canaries
on taut Clementine hemp strings
tied to Hippie Blue labeled
Campbell soup cans
held by Angus Tweed Aqua
skinned natives
camping on Pink Panther islets
off the Hot Purple coast of Africa.
Local Resene Color List polka-dotted idols
reject the Red Pepper overtures
and bat them off through a
Norman Ellison Chocolate Fudge Brownie haze
to be encapsulated by a Yellow Submarine casket
in a Grey Friars Cape Cod USA sand pit.

(Written for dVerse Poets, FormForAll. October 31, 2013.)

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21 Responses to “Resene Color List Hallucination” (Conceptual Poetry)

  1. Great imagery with explosion of color. Reminds of late 1060″s.

  2. claudia says:

    haha….so good…Raging Bull ochre telephone poles
    and Buttered Rum canaries….you create great images and bring the colors mondo alive…very cool

  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Yes, I think this piece is pure Fauvist, blasted with brash brush strokes of exploded colors on creative pallets, as well as Conceptual. As you know, I used a similar tack on the Fauvist section of my poem; good work, thanks.

  4. Love the color, the texture in this.

  5. Brian Miller says:

    ha i need to look at this color list….those are some pretty wild colors….i like the hippie blue labels cambells soup cans too….makes me think a bit of warhol and maybe how he saw the world….

  6. Oh! I am bedazzled by the colors… Lovely! 🙂

  7. Oh delicious! If I hadn’t followed the road that I did, I’d have used Pantone colours! 🙂

  8. Morgan says:

    I love your colourful expressive writing…marvleous!

  9. I too love the colors bursting like polka dotted idols ~ Imaginative write ~

  10. nico says:

    Very clever approach–the descriptive color designations spark some entertaining images! I particularly liked the rejection of Red Pepper overtures. And those first five lines are most enjoyable!

  11. billgncs says:

    VB, I was trying to find the real world event this tied to 🙂

  12. Surreal hyped up post-modern haze where the Fauvist color spectrum is taken to the 9th degree, but not only artistically but musically as well. Love your references so deftly woven throughout. Great piece.

  13. shanyns says:

    Love the colors, the images and the really clever writing! Very good.

  14. Very cool, loved the display of colours and how they just roll off the tongue! Wonderful!

  15. Eric Alagan says:

    Modern art – outrageous colors 🙂

  16. You paint with thick layers here… great write

  17. adamsmurphy says:

    Hmm, the mild sound and texture is quite shinning.. Kudos to the imaginations

  18. This pops with color and energy. I could see it being an ekphrastic based on an inner vision. Well done and thanks for joining us.

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