“The Power of White”

Foreground, middle ground, background
copper-penny brown with hints of loden green
brave shoots rising from an earth
laid bare by dingy drifts of talcum-powder white
still lurking
in burnt-timber shaded corners
still hugging ashen bush bases.

These ghostly-white remainders
deny nature’s rebirth
smother the brilliance
of sun-splashed daffodils
Persian blue hyacinths
splotch the purple cloak of crocus
spread wide across the terrain.

And you.
enveloped in fire-engine red
bright-cut emerald green
deep-sea cerulean blue
you fight the inevitable.
Ever crowned by the golden aureole
of optimism
you soldier on
your irridescent glow marking the way
until it fades
as fresh flakes dim your radiance
and you melt
into the reinstated whitescape.

(Written for dVerse Poets, Poetics: The color festival. March 25, 2014. Describing with color.)

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14 Responses to “The Power of White”

  1. Brian Miller says:

    white washes out….we had snow again today and i felt so bad for our flowers which just came up last week…and now are locked in a layer of cold white….i like the vibrance of that last stanza…to soldier on in spite of…in time though we do all fade…no matter how hard we try to shine on…

  2. claudia says:

    white has its own power and fascination for sure… i love white in artwork as well…it’s one of the bravest colors and many artists shy away from white spaces… love the image in the last stanza – the melting..

  3. I think the way we can paint our way through dread in colorful steps– just a little while more… and those flowers will make it… still the paralell to aging is a reminder cold as a late snow shower in april

  4. kelly says:

    This is wonderful, white really can be powerful, trying to break us all winter long… but that color will come to our rescue, soon.

  5. Mary says:

    Whew, that ending is intense. Melting in reinstated whitescape is an amazing conclusion.

  6. Grace says:

    I love the use of kennings and colors ~ The white does smother all the other colors ~ I specially like the ending, melting in the reinstated whitescape ~ This looks like our scenary outside ~

  7. This is so ethereal at the end – so brightly clothed, yet still subsumed into the white…

  8. nico says:

    The seasonal cycle is a wonderful analogy of the struggle for life, for color, for beauty in spite of it all. Beautiful writing here!

  9. naramalone says:

    A few days of springs promise melted back into whitescape here to day. You captured that so beautifully.

  10. Eric Alagan says:

    A brilliance of colours in your verses – when mingled together, births white – from which spring the colours of the rainbow. And so the cycles weave – ever undulating.

  11. wolfsrosebud says:

    like a canvas waiting to be painted

  12. Glenn Buttkus says:

    A lovely use of the Holi Festival color prompt, and so very topical; drama, color, right outside your window. It is interesting that the name of several colors become kennings; something we have all used forever, it seems, without perhaps labeling them or understanding their origins; nice work here.

  13. ManicDdaily says:

    Love the idea of the flower soldiering on! As do we all! You get the starkness of the white here very well! K.

  14. Beautiful descriptors, your wonderful visuals bring this poem to life.

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