“The Raven Croons”

The current challenge at dVerse Poetics is to write a poem which includes one or more of the following: obelix, a dragon, a crocodile, an old tractor, a bat, a spaceship, Neptune, Superman, a greek god or goddess, a chicken, a black swan, a nutcracker, a man who can’t stop clapping, a cup with orange flowers painted on it, a black cat, a dog with yellow teeth, a bluesman playing the saxophone, a violinist, Hänsel & Gretel, the ice queen, an old liquor bottle, a wheelbarrow, a needle in a haystack, a raven, a blue car, a metronome.

“The Raven Croons”

An obelisk from ancient times
Carved with dragon and crocodile
Lies flat on the back of an old tractor.

Neptune, sporting his seaweed slimes
Tells Amphitrite with a smile
“I come with obelisk, and love I swore.”

The blues man plays the saxophone
While violinist serenades
The ice queen and her deep-sea paramour.

The black cat sways to metronome
The dog with yellow teeth parades
While the raven croons “Never-nevermore”

(An extra challenge is to tell about an old man, the moon and a little bat in the pub for a game of skat. Couldn’t come up with anything for the above, so stuck this on the end for fun.

The moon over the pub is fat.
An old man’s happy playing skat
With his myopic wife, “Li’l Bat”.
All’s right with the world, so that’s that.)

(Written for dVerse Poets, August 5, 2014.)

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6 Responses to “The Raven Croons”

  1. brian miller says:

    ha. just like a man saying i come with an obelisk, (and call it love) eh? ha.
    actually the first obelisk in this reminded me of a tv show that i watched as a kid.
    ha. fun characters in that last little poem too. good to see you, its been a while.

  2. Fun images you’ve created from this word list.I especially like Li’l Bat.

  3. Grace says:

    I admire your poetic imagery specially seaweed slimes and deep-sea paramour ~

  4. I begin to feel that in the presence of Neptune you will be well aware of him – if nothing else by his smell… 🙂 very nice approach.

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