“Too Late?”

Cutthroat men are slashing
bitter boys are smashing
their way through the city.
Victims of their hatred
mortals, objects sacred
destroyed without pity.

Is faith validation
for human damnation
and slaughter of the past?
Is fostered cruelty
behind brutality
and decency outcast?

Where is the word of truth
needed by man and youth
to save them from their fate?
Will they face early death
one last regretful breath
aware that it’s too late?

Written for dVerse Open Link Night #149. May 21, 2015.

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18 Responses to “Too Late?”

  1. The violence seems to be the only way forward – why we might ask, where is all that anger coming from?

  2. Gabriella says:

    Very powerful poem. I am appalled and incredulous too. How did it all happen and how can we just ‘stand’ and look?

  3. “Victims of their hatred” This certainly spawns misdirected violence

  4. Sabio Lantz says:

    Fine protest over much that is happening these days — and many days in the past.
    loved the aabccb sextet rhyme form you artfully stayed within. cool in many ways

  5. hypercryptical says:

    Sadly they welcome martyrdom for a cause without pity. Sad awful world we live in.
    Anna :o[

  6. Mary says:

    Oh, I really hope it is not too late! Definitely too many have faced an early death in recent years…but I hope somehow there will be found a way to save young men from such a fate! A very powerful write, and good form.

  7. You raise good questions, vb, in a powerful way.


  8. kanzensakura says:

    So much in this – anger and yet, anger for anger’s sake, destroying just to destroy with no point or thought in view. We have witnessed much of this – some warranted but other times, not. Your powerful poem brings out both.

  9. DELL CLOVER says:

    Very scary and tragic–youth gone too quickly.

  10. Sumana Roy says:

    there are fanatics in every sphere who are committing such nuisance…a strong voice here and i echo Mary hoping it’s not too late…

  11. Thought provoking, VB. The victimizing being caused by the victims. It is too late for some, I’m afraid.

    • vbholmes says:

      Hi Lynne,
      Are you adventuring at the moment? I’ve been checking your blog and haven’t seen any new posts.However, Ron has some photos of Cuba–a recent trip? Good to hear from you and I’m looking forward to my next vicarious voyage via your blog.

      • Ron was in Cuba in Feb. and we’re taking a group in Dec. thanks for the reminder about my lack of writing. I haven’t been motivated and need to get back to it. Always stories to tell.

  12. rosross says:

    Sadly this has been the way of all armies through all times and each army is convinced they are doing good through their violence even though none are.

  13. Right now we are so faced with violence everywhere. I’m so afraid the title says it all.

  14. billgncs says:

    there is a malaise upon us… we must stand strong with hope.

  15. Well.. truly it likely comes down to love..
    love well given.. and received.. by a village..
    is the best medicine to requite the violent
    of hearts and minds.. never wired for love…

    Sadly the villages are gone
    away with love…

    Hate stays where love
    goes that never changes…

  16. C.C. says:

    “Victims of their hatred”—most profound line as they most certainly are the first victims of their own hatred, but unfortunately not the last.

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