Who is the Winner?

Nevada voted.
The predicted victor won.
Mother Earth rumbles.

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6 Responses to Who is the Winner?

  1. Just ordered a copy of your book.

  2. Today I finished your book, REVERBERATION. Read only several pages every other day for two months as I have had so many projects going. However, at the midway point the novel really took off and I finished up in good time. As a retired history teacher I appreciated the setting of the time period and well developed characters and historical reference. The vivid nature of the insane asylum was particularly disturbing and that social travesty of that time needs more attention in today’s literature and history. One suggestion I would make is to redesign the cover perhaps from one of the more dramatic scenes and the present cover does little justice for the story contained between the covers. I think a change would enhance sales. With your permission I would care to give a positive review on amazon books. I would also like to showcase the book on a guest post. Lemme know.

  3. vbholmes says:

    Hi Carl,
    Wonderful words, indeed–thank you so much for your comments. I would be honored to have you review my book and feature it on your site. Lately, I’ve been avoiding interaction on the internet as I’ve had some pressing commitments and find that one post leads to another and before I know it, half an hour is gone. I’ve missed visiting your page, however, as I always enjoy a good chuckle and the fun of crafting a comment.
    As for the cover, I’ve thought about it, and so far, have not come up with an approach that doesn’t look like every other cover in the supermarket stationary aisle. The current image was conceived to represent the two shots taken at the beginning of the book, but does convey, I agree, a contemporary, rather than historical, message. Will give it more thought.
    Again, many thanks for your observations and generous offer, Carl, they’re much appreciated.

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