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“Dogs Go Wolf”, by Lauren Groff.

Some Thoughts on “Dogs Go Wolf”, a short story by Lauren Groff ( To begin with, the title telegraphs one of the themes of the story: man and beast will instinctively revert to their roots when challenged to survive. As … Continue reading

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2017 US Congress

Donkeys act like name. Right-wing Elephants, the same. Greed, ego block sun.

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The Act of Dealing

To be successful To be a great president Reach across that aisle.  

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Great Men Think Alike

The paint on the metal railing is peeling. I look past it, over the revolving-bed hotels, by-the-week tenements, abandoned shipping terminals, to the sea. Calm today, the gray water fades into a hazy, blurred horizon, signaling an overcast morning marked by the unbearable heat … Continue reading

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Iranian Delivery

Four-hundred million in unmarked non-US cash: Capitulation.

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Who is the Winner?

Nevada voted. The predicted victor won. Mother Earth rumbles.

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The People Ask

Discontent bubbles up from country clubs community centers corner bars. The people are rebelling. What happened to character? They ask. Honesty? Straight talk? Common decency? They’re tired of trash-talking slander false accusations. They seek a sincere dedicated wise experienced leader. … Continue reading

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