2017 US CONGRESS (Posted March 31, 2017)

Donkeys act like name.
Right-wing Elephants, the same.
Greed, ego block sun.


THE ACT OF DEALING (Posted March 27, 2017)

To be successful
To be a great president
Reach across that aisle.



IRANIAN DELIVERY (Posted August 5, 2016)

Four-hundred million
In unmarked non-US cash:



THROWING SPITEBALLS (Posted February 14, 2016)

Grown men stand on stage
Hollering, pointing fingers
Earth quakes, man trembles.


(Posted February 8, 2016)

Candidates orate
Promises proliferate
Hot air obfuscates.


FALSE SIGNALS (Posted February 1, 2016)

Like late winter’s warmth
Fleshed-out buds simulate spring.
Snow lurks inside clouds.


HISTORICAL FICTION (Posted January 25, 2016)

History writers.
Wordsmiths who venerate truth.
Facts spawn fantasy.



COLOGNE   (Posted January 8, 2016)

Fireworks light the crowd
Women scream into the night
The moon hides its face. 


DÉTENTE   (Posted January 18, 2016)

One-lane bridge ahead
Drivers smile, alternate turns.
The winter snow melts.


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