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The Craftsman’s Hinge

The iron hinge is shaped like a butterfly wing. It holds the door in place and does not squeak. (Written for dVerse Meeting the Bar. Imagism: “Direct treatment of the “thing” whether subjective or objective; …use absolutely no word that … Continue reading

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Birth of a Man of the Sea

Glowing golden flickers of celestial fire blaze along the horizon line and define the separation of sea and sky. A lone man revels in nature’s phenomenon as long shadows cast by wind-filled sails shade cadenced swells that corrugate the surface … Continue reading

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Buds on magnolia trees flaunt pink tips and lush bodies anxious to shed their cold-weather skins. Crocus and daffodil leaves stand tall to decorate their earthen comforters and shelter adolescent blooms. All will wither and die as winter snows dance … Continue reading

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The Ideal Candidate (An Ovillejo)

I came because you have a need I came to lead. I came because you need a hand Oh Motherland. I came because you are laid bare in your despair. I came because I truly care. I came to blow … Continue reading

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View From a Park Bench

The ancient sycamore spreads above my head. The branches on one side stretch far from the trunk. They grow up and out seek new horizons respect the guidance of the past. On the other side the tree’s limbs are stunted … Continue reading

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