“A Life Story”

A shell, its two halves
Still joined,
Lies open on the sand
Barely covered by
The shallow waters
Of the lagoon.

A single raindrop
Pierces the sea
And lands on one half
Of the shell.
Blessed with new life,
It rises to ruffle the surface
Of the still backwater.

Rings form.
They multiply and spread
The essence of the shell
As they interact
With the circular patterns
Of nearby droplets.

The pulsating spheres
Touch, embrace
And partially cover
But do not obliterate
The inimitability
Of the second shell.

Two separate entities
Each with its own,
Yet shared, life story
Rejoice in their common bond
Revel in their individuality.

(Inspired by “Shells“, Friday Fictioneers, madison-woods.com, August 10, 2012.)

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20 Responses to “A Life Story”

  1. keliwright says:

    Touches on one of my favorite themes–individuality/connection. Nice perspective on the prompt.

  2. Brian Benoit says:

    I really liked the way you described the expanding rings as the “essence” of the shell’s form being spread through the water. Nice work, and a great way to tackle the prompt!

  3. Beth Carter says:

    Beautiful poem. I like how the halves are together, yet separate. Thanks for your comments on mine.

  4. Anne Orchard says:

    Thanks for stopping by my story. I loved the images your poem evoked. Beautiful.

  5. rochellewisoff says:

    Well done! Nice blend of sight and emotion. Thanks for commenting on mine.

  6. aquaturtleme says:


    & thanks for stopping by..

  7. Russell says:

    Beautiful poem. Thanks for visiting & commenting on mine.

  8. Like two loves or friends.. beautifully written:)

  9. This has so many layers to it. I keep seeing more. Among other things, it speaks to me about the spirit, as well as an individual being a tiny part of a whole – just like the human race.

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