“Into the Night One Day”

My sister, her husband, their young children
Left us to walk into the night one day.
We still don’t know the why, or even when.

Their new car was found with his weekly pay
On the seat with his cell and the kids’ toys.
But we still don’t know why they ran away.

We shout for the safety of their three boys.
For my young sister, the sweet mourning dove.
We still have no clue in spite of our noise.

We pray, but receive no hope from above.
Only a postcard, “From Russia with Love”.

(Written for dVersePoets: “Form for All–Terza Rima and the Terza Rima Sonnet”. May 09, 2013.)

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19 Responses to “Into the Night One Day”

  1. Tony Maude says:

    Very clever turn from sadness to humour at the close of this; quite a tension release. This is really well written to the form too; children and when is a rhyme pair that isn’t immediately obvious to most people – me included – but is, of course, a perfect rhyme.

  2. susielindau says:

    It’s like the song, “Fastball” http://youtu.be/b0wfu3tOrtQ
    I think this does happen in real life. Great flash!

    • vb holmes says:

      Great song, Susie! And, yes, it does happen–even today with all our ID requirements. I recently read a story about a woman who walked away from her family years ago and just turned herself in (her husband had collected on her life insurance after seven years–major complications there, I would guess).

  3. I’m happy they are safe, I was a little bit concerned first.

  4. Dave Higgins says:

    I like the last line; depending on whether you read it as the message or the picture on the postcard it changes the meaning.

  5. Well hopefully all is well ~ Good work on the form and rhyming pattern ~

  6. brian miller says:

    nice…love the turn in this…great tension prior to and nice humor in the end….cool story telling in this man…

  7. aprille says:

    Good, a bit of fun. Some imagination you have 🙂
    Is there a novel in there somewhere?

  8. claudia says:

    ha…the close made me smile…otherwise i’d find it rather scary if a whole family just disappears from one day to the other.. oy…glad there’s a happy ending

  9. Phew! I’m glad the concern I felt was relieved in the end : )

  10. silent kim says:

    It is intense writing. Full of fearfull emotions.

  11. kkkkaty1 says:

    Rhythmic sonnet with a great twist …another great example of the form

  12. Mary says:

    Hmmm, I have read the poem and others’ comments and yours. I do wonder if all is okay with your sister and family or if, in reality, they still are out of touch and away somewhere. You worked the form well and wrote a thought-provoking poem.

    • vb holmes says:

      When I started this, I was thinking of the family who walked into Mexico a while ago and seems to have vanished. Then I moved on to the Russian spy ring (which included families) who were deported (also old news). Then I thought of “From Russia with Love” and decided to end on a light note. A to B is rarely a straight line.

  13. nightlake says:

    Wonder why they left. Could it be debt problem? interesting imagination

  14. Anna :o] says:

    Phew! I was quite worried until the last line! Well done!

    Anna :o]

  15. Eric Alagan says:

    Let’s hope the postcard is from the family and not from their abductors

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